Gimme Five! A Volunteer's Unexpected Discovery on the Grounds

You never know cool things you'll find when you volunteer at the PPG!

LIFE and Times: Floating Cars and Magic Plastics

To pull off this trick, a 1954 Packard Clipper Super became a brave volunteer.

LIFE and Times: Rolls-Royce Merlin Aircraft Engine Production

The Packard Motor Car Company didn’t just make luxury automobiles—they took great engineering to the skies too.

LIFE and Times: Packard’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

This festive collection sports double the photos for each year the PMCC was celebrating!

LIFE and Times: Packard Party in Detroit

Remember when big parties were a thing? If you’re a Packard fan, Google Arts & Culture can help jog your memory!
Time Inc.

LIFE and Times with Packard Motor Car Company

Discover a treasure-trove of Packard photos, all available online.
Phil Cunningham's StoryPhil Cunningham

How I Got Involved With Packard Proving Grounds, Part 2

I was about half way up the hill when my heart just stopped
screen shots of an all text data base as the before and then an updated stylized screen shot including a thumbnail of the data image and relevant infoPhil Cunningham

Volunteers Wanted

In my world there is nothing better than shining a car, then standing back and admiring your work.
photo of the lodge building after some restoration work had been done, and Hilary Davis is standing in front with a proud smile at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic SiteHilary Davis

Serendipity - Part 11

Now I am a volunteer at the PPG, giving tours, working on restorations, serving on committees, writing articles.  The site is in good hands and its future is bright.
black and white image of the north east curve of the test track taken in 1998 at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic SiteHilary Davis

Serendipity - Part 10

Soon the enormous task of bringing the site and buildings back to their former glory was underway.