Vintage, early 20th century Singer sewing machine on display in the Lodge House at the Packard Proving Ground.Hilary Davis

Small-Scale 20th Century Design: The Singer Sewing Machine

A different kind of 20th Century engineering! Exploring the Singer sewing machine.

Check It Out: Continuing the PPG Library Project

Our holdings include a diverse array of print publications, newsletters, magazines, and Packard-original documents that we plan to preserve and protect for the long term.
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Work to Win; Honoring Our Packard Rosies

President Franklin D. Roosevelt established a War Production Board (WPB) in January 1942, just a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The newly developed board allocated resources, implemented price controls, and set production quotas to encourage workers to produce more goods during the war. Packard and its employees took it to heart as their duty to do all they could to help their soldiers fighting overseas.
A woman dressed in 1920s attire in a black and white photo

How to Dress 1920s

And here we are, deep into the New Roaring 20s – the 2020s, that is – and 1920s fashions are just as popular as ever, as many events like the PPG's Great Gatsby Gala Fundraiser have proven.
Blurred background of a crowd of people congregating around a table. In the foreground of the image, th ehood ornament of a classic Packard is shown facing the right side of the scene.Rick Mayer

Get Ready for the 2021 Fall Open House at the PPG!

Spend your weekend at our site! Join us at the 2021 Open House at the Packard Proving Grounds this Sunday, October 17th.
Packard Proving Grounds

A Different Kind of Drafting: Hidden History in the Packard Proving Grounds Office

Make some future plans with the help of a well-used relic from the past!
Valor Image Productions

Hosting Your Special Event at the Packard Proving Grounds

Guest blogger Risha Lewis offers some tips for planning a successful event at the PPG.
brown folding chairs in Lodge Garage at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site
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Do we need to rent 2 sets of chairs for our wedding?

The simple answer is that yes you can choose to use the same chairs for both, BUT there are some things about this to consider.

Ice Cream Social

This part of the evening could be described as ‘Ask the Lady Who Lived Here’. Bobbie was thrilled to be back home.
Flowers on a desk

Your Monday is My Friday

Congratulations to Caitlin & Sean who celebrated their wedding ceremony and reception at the PPG on Saturday, July 13, 2019!