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The PPG runs on almost entirely volunteer power which is awesome and challenging at the same time. When individuals choose to volunteer their time, it needs to be for something that they have an interest in, and they feel like they are making a difference, plus there must be some element of fun!

We do our best to learn about the skills and preferences of each volunteer, and then try to match them up with the projects and/or events that are the best fit. It doesn’t always happen on the first try, so the volunteers that can keep an open mind and try a few things tend to have the best rate of success.

You don’t have to be retired to volunteer. We have volunteer opportunities for high school students looking for their community service hours all the way to folks that designate one day per week for volunteer work at the PPG. It’s a wonderful community of people with all different personalities and skills.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

If your organization, business, or group would like to volunteer at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site, please get in touch with us to discuss available opportunities.


Student Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a student or student organization leader, please get in touch with us to discuss PPG-supervised volunteer opportunities that are available.


Further Your Professional Skills

We have many opportunities to expand your portfolio if you want to further your professional photography, videography, or graphic design skills. Connect with us.


New! Shadow Training Opportunities

We are now offering volunteer shadow training opportunities. Whether you are brand new to the PPG or whether you’ve been here for years and you’re looking to try something new, you now have the opportunity to work alongside (shadow) one of our experienced volunteers. If you do not see a “Shadow Opportunity” listed on our registration page for an event or opportunity in which you wish to shadow a seasoned volunteer, please contact Marci@PackardProvingGrounds.org to schedule one.

Volunteer Resources​

It’s very important that our volunteers have everything they need to ensure their safety and welfare while volunteering at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site. These resources and policies help ensure that our volunteers, staff, and community have everything they need to be successful.


The Packard Proving Grounds is a historic site located in Shelby Township, Michigan. It was the testing grounds for the Packard Motor Car Company from 1927 to 1956. Today, it serves as a museum and event venue, preserving the legacy of Packard automobiles.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! To become a volunteer at the Packard Proving Grounds, please visit our official website at and navigate to the “Volunteer” section – Volunteer Opportunity – Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site There, you will see a list of several opportunities and will be able to register on-line,  making it quick and easy to sign up for a specific event that suits your interests and schedule.

We offer flexible opportunities for volunteers who want to give back on their own time. These opportunities allow volunteers to choose their own schedule and work at their own pace, making it convenient for those with busy schedules.  If you don’t see an opportunity you are interested in on-line, please email Marci@PackardProvingGrounds.org to learn more. 

The Packard Proving Grounds offers various volunteer opportunities as outlined below.  The specific opportunities may change over time, so it’s best to check our website or contact the Volunteer Manager for the most up-to-date information.

Wedding Event Assistants Farmers Market  Gift Shop Attendants  Car Shows 
Special Event Assistants  Grounds Maintenance  Building Maintenance  Collections 
Fundraising  Auto Maintenance  Venue Logistics  Housekeeping 
IT & Tech Support  Vault Photo Digitizing  Electrical  Docent 

While specific requirements may vary depending on the volunteer role, generally, we look for individuals who are passionate about preserving history, have good communication skills, and are willing to commit their time and effort to support the Packard Proving Grounds’ mission. Specific roles may require additional skills or qualifications, which will be outlined on the volunteer registration page for specific events. 

The time commitment for volunteers can vary based on their availability and the specific volunteer role. Some volunteers may contribute a few hours per week, while others may be involved on a more sporadic basis, depending on the events and projects.  Some volunteer opportunities are flexible, allowing you to come in on your own time and work at your own pace, while others have scheduled dates and shifts that require a more structured commitment. Whether you want to volunteer each day,  once a week or once a year, there are opportunities that can fit your needs and interests.  We appreciate any amount of time that volunteers can dedicate, and we strive to provide flexible options to accommodate their schedules.

Yes, the Packard Proving Grounds offers training and orientation sessions for volunteers to familiarize them with the site, its history, and their specific roles and responsibilities. Additionally, ongoing support and guidance will be provided by the Volunteer Manager and other experienced volunteers.

Absolutely! Volunteering as a group, whether it’s with friends, family, or an organization, can be a rewarding experience. Please reach out to the Volunteer Manager in advance to discuss the details and make necessary arrangements.

While volunteers of all ages are welcome at the Packard Proving Grounds, certain roles may have age restrictions due to safety concerns or task requirements. Minors under the age of 18 will typically need permission from a parent or legal guardian to volunteer. Specific age restrictions will be listed on our Volunteer Registration Page for specific events.

Volunteering at the Packard Proving Grounds offers a unique opportunity to contribute to preserving automotive history, meet fellow enthusiasts, gain valuable experience, and be part of a vibrant community.

For further inquiries or to get in touch with the Volunteer Manager, please visit our official website and look for the contact information provided under the “Volunteer” section. You can reach out via email or phone, and our manager will be happy to assist you.

As a volunteer,  I understand that I am representing the organization and will adhere to the following code of conduct:

Respect: I will treat all staff, volunteers, visitors, and guests with respect and courtesy, regardless of their background, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or abilities.

Responsibility: I will fulfill my assigned duties to the best of my ability and arrive on time for my shift. I will follow the instructions given to me by staff members, and ask for assistance if needed.

Confidentiality: I will maintain confidentiality and not disclose any personal or private information about staff, volunteers, guests, or visitors without their express consent.

Professionalism: I will dress appropriately for my assigned role and maintain a professional demeanor while volunteering. I will refrain from using my personal phone or engaging in other personal activities while on duty.

Safety: I will adhere to all safety policies and procedures, including wearing any required personal protective equipment, and report any accidents, incidents, or hazards to designated staff member immediately.

Personal Conduct: I will refrain from using alcohol or drugs while volunteering and will not engage in any behavior that may be harmful, offensive, or disruptive to others or the organization’s reputation.

Communication: I will communicate openly and respectfully with staff members, and report any concerns or issues promptly.


How to Register and Record Time

Here are some helpful training videos to help you navigate registering for an event and recording time.

Registering for an Opportunity – CERVIS Technologies

How to Use The Sign-in Console – CERVIS Technologies

How to Sign-in Using Your Smartphone – CERVIS Technologies

Recording Service Project Hours – CERVIS Technologies

Contact Us

If you have any questions about volunteering at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Marci Fitch
Volunteer Manager