Vintage, early 20th century Singer sewing machine on display in the Lodge House at the Packard Proving Ground.Hilary Davis

Small-Scale 20th Century Design: The Singer Sewing Machine

A different kind of 20th Century engineering! Exploring the Singer sewing machine.

Check It Out: Continuing the PPG Library Project

Our holdings include a diverse array of print publications, newsletters, magazines, and Packard-original documents that we plan to preserve and protect for the long term.
1932 photo of the Timing Tower at the Packard Proving Grounds with a Packard staged in front of it.

Packard Proving Grounds: Fulfilling the Need for Regulating Testing and Testers

Regulation of automobile testing and testers, along with the need to get off the busy streets of Detroit, led Packard to the Proving Grounds.

Packard Towing Dynamometer

The Packard Proving Grounds is in possession of a unique artifact of Detroit history, one that was a common sight at the Proving Grounds - the Packard Towing Dynamometer.
Color image of a scale model Patrol Torpedo boat, which is on display in the Tank Building at the Packard Proving Grounds.Rene Moon

Sailing Home: The Refurbished Return of the PT Boat Model

Our impressive scale model is docked in the Tank Building, all spruced up and ready for viewing.
Packard Proving Grounds

A Different Kind of Drafting: Hidden History in the Packard Proving Grounds Office

Make some future plans with the help of a well-used relic from the past!
Emily R. Benoit

Always Check Your Pockets: Messages from the Past

Some unexpected historical help was found while working with one of the PPG's most interesting artifacts.
Emily R. Benoit

Plastic and Party Lines: Love for Landline Telephones

Exploring the form and function of an (unexpected) visitor favorite: the rotary telephone.
Emily R. Benoit

The Smallest Room in the House: Exploring 20th Century Bathrooms

A public exposé on any house's most private room.
Emily R. Benoit

They're Scotties, Not "Boxers": Some Simple Storage Tips

Not quite a doghouse, but we're putting these puppies away for safekeeping!

Gimme Five! A Volunteer's Unexpected Discovery on the Grounds

You never know cool things you'll find when you volunteer at the PPG!