Packard paint - Amethyst

Perking Up Packard with a Penchant for Paint

Edward James Paul Cunningham, the young manager of the trim and color styling studio for Packard, introduced this unique and stylish Carnation with Amethyst scheme for a limited number of Pacific hardtops. He joined Packard at the age of 24 in 1952 with a mission to encourage Packard into adopting brighter, trendier colors.

Explore Your Local Heritage: Passport Programs and Beyond

When it comes to exploring the richness in our world, it's easy to overlook the hidden gems in our own backyard. Luckily, there are passport programs that encourage us to become tourists in our local area, fostering a deeper appreciation for the heritage and history around us. Let's delve into three remarkable passport programs that offer unique adventures for those keen on exploring and learning more about the past.

The Road to Pebble Beach

In the world of automotive elegance and heritage, few events rival the prestige of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. This year, I had the privilege of speaking with Mark Smucker, the president of the Packard Motor Car Foundation, who achieved an impressive 3rd place in his class at this renowned competition.
Captain Lionel Melville Woolson in a suit, sitting with his arms crossed on his lap

Chief Aeronautical Engineer Captain Lionel Woolson

Born in Los Angeles, Woolson made his way to Detroit to eventually become an engineer for the Packard Motor Car Company. He developed aircraft engines that were used in several record-breaking speed planes.
A woman dressed in 1920s attire in a black and white photo

How to Dress 1920s

And here we are, deep into the New Roaring 20s – the 2020s, that is – and 1920s fashions are just as popular as ever, as many events like the PPG's Great Gatsby Gala Fundraiser have proven.
1932 photo of the Timing Tower at the Packard Proving Grounds with a Packard staged in front of it.

Packard Proving Grounds: Fulfilling the Need for Regulating Testing and Testers

Regulation of automobile testing and testers, along with the need to get off the busy streets of Detroit, led Packard to the Proving Grounds.
Lucille Vincent sitting in a lawn chair at the Packard Proving GroundsPackard Motor Car Foundation

Lucile Vincent mistress of the Packard Proving Grounds

Lucile Vincent, wife of the PPG’s superintendent, Charles Vincent, was busy raising her three daughters within the beautiful lodge built by Albert Kahn. But, what do we know about Lucile?

Rooms and Boarders: Staging the Lodge House

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Scott Gross

D.D. Gross Motor Sales: The Packard Era Comes to an End

The eleventh and final installment of guest blogger Scott Gross' series! The latter years of D.D. Gross Motor Sales concluded the Gross family's foray into automobile sales.