LIFE and Times: Packard’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

This festive collection sports double the photos for each year the PMCC was celebrating!
Bob Hope and Friends 1949 Michigan State FairPackard Motor Car Foundation

Bob Hope - 1949 Michigan State Fair Headliner

Packard, Bob Hope, and the 1949 Michigan State Fair
young men dancing around a car that they are hoping to restore and dreaming about what it could be when it's completedCopyright © 2020 Novelty Magazines Inc. DBA 101 Network

Do you love the 'Greased Lightning' scene from Grease?

Ultramatic is a Packard term for their version of an automatic transmission.

LIFE and Times: Packard Party in Detroit

Remember when big parties were a thing? If you’re a Packard fan, Google Arts & Culture can help jog your memory!
William Morgan Packard dealership in Long Beach California after the 1933 earthquakePackard Motor Car Foundation

Found - Another Wrecked Packard Dealership Photo in the PPG Vault

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake lasted 10 seconds
Time Inc.

LIFE and Times with Packard Motor Car Company

Discover a treasure-trove of Packard photos, all available online.
1952 Packard Frozen in the Tank Building at the PPGPackard Motor Car Foundation

Why Packard Froze Cars In The Old Tank Building

Packard reworked the former Tank Building into an Engineering Test Laboratory
Phil Cunningham's StoryPhil Cunningham

How I Got Involved With Packard Proving Grounds, Part 2

I was about half way up the hill when my heart just stopped
screen shots of an all text data base as the before and then an updated stylized screen shot including a thumbnail of the data image and relevant infoPhil Cunningham

Volunteers Wanted

In my world there is nothing better than shining a car, then standing back and admiring your work.
Part of a Packard Straight-Eight ThunderboltKelin Lee

Learning How to Repair and Maintain a Packard Car

We began to work on troubleshooting a straight-eight Thunderbolt with low compression