Okay, we’re over 95 years old, and we really like good old fashioned cash or checks made payable to the ‘Packard Motor Car Foundation.’

However, Packard was innovative for their time; always trying new things, so we’re also offering some of these newfangled ways to pay, it’s all good!

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Support The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

There are various ways to support the Packard Motor Car Foundation to help contribute to our mission. Your generous contributions play a vital role in our accomplishments. Here are some unique opportunities for involvement:

Corporate Partnerships

Partner with us to sponsor our online or in-person programs, events, or activities. This collaboration presents an excellent chance to promote your business or organization to our extensive audience. We offer sponsorship packages at different levels with corresponding benefits. To explore sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to our office.

IRA Charitable Gifts

If you are 70½ or older, you can make tax-free donations of up to $100,000 per year directly from your IRA to the Packard Proving Grounds. This contribution supports our cause and helps fulfill your annual Required Minimum Distribution. For more information on making a charitable gift from your IRA, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your IRA administrator.

Securities Donations

Consider donating appreciated securities such as stocks or bonds to support our organization. This method of giving offers potential tax advantages, including the avoidance of capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the securities. Consult your financial advisor for guidance on this option before contacting our office to learn more about transferring securities to the Packard Motor Car Foundation.

Legacy Giving Opportunities

Leave a lasting legacy at the Packard Motor Car Foundation by supporting our work and enjoying significant tax benefits. Here are some ways to plan your giving:

  • Bequests: Include the Packard Proving Grounds in your will, ensuring your continued support.
  • Life Insurance: Explore attractively-priced options for long-term provisions, including donating paid-up whole-life policies.
  • Gifts that Pay You Income: Consider Charitable Remainder Uni- and Annuity Trusts to receive a lifetime income stream while supporting our cause.
  • Retirement Plan Assets: Designate the Packard Proving Grounds as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets.

Employee Matching Gifts

Maximize the impact of your donation by checking if your employer offers a matching gifts program. This opportunity allows your gift to the Packard Motor Car Foundation to go even further. Please contact your benefits office to ask about your employer’s charitable gift-matching policy.

Real Estate Donations

If you have unneeded property such as a residence, vacation home, farm acreage, or buildable lot, consider donating it to the Packard Motor Car Foundation. This type of gift can be advantageous, especially if the property has appreciated significantly. Contact our office to explore the possibilities and learn more about the donation process.


Non-monetary assets that hold value for the Packard Proving Grounds can be donated as gifts-in-kind. These assets can either be used directly in our activities, saving us money, or sold to fund our work. If you believe you have a potential gift-in-kind, please get in touch with us for further information. Note that we cannot accept walkers, canes, or other durable medical goods.

Credit Card or Check Donations

Making a gift is as simple as using your credit card or writing a check. The Packard Motor Car Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your contributions are tax-deductible as permitted by law. 

Please make checks payable to: The Packard Motor Car Foundation.

Mail checks to:

The Packard Motor Car Foundation
49965 Van Dyke Ave.
Shelby Township, MI 48317

Kroger Community Rewards

Participate in the Kroger Community Rewards Program to support the Packard Motor Car Foundation. By linking your Kroger Plus card to our account, a percentage of your purchases will be donated to the Packard Motor Car Foundation at no additional cost to you. Log into your Kroger account, search for PACKARD PROVING GROUNDS, and click Enroll.

For More Information:

If you would like more details on any of the above giving options, please get in touch with Jeannine Morris at jeannine@packardprovinggrounds.org.

Please note that the giving opportunities outlined here are examples of how individuals have supported the Packard Motor Car Foundation. This information should not be considered as tax or financial advice specific to your situation. It is recommended to consult your own tax advisor or accountant to understand how this information applies to you and your circumstances.