Emily R. Benoit

Looking Sharp: Presenting One of the PPG's Most Exciting Artifacts

Preparations are underway to preserve one of the PPG's most unique and personal artifacts.
Earle C. Anthony Packard Building in Oakland, CAthe Packard Motor Car Foundation

The Persian Palace of Packard

When this photo in the PPG Vault collection caught my eye, it…
The Packard Guild 1933The Packard Motor Car Foundation

Ask The Woman Who Owns One

Men are not the only ones who love Packards.

The Packard Rosies of World War II

For Women’s History Month, I thought it might be interesting…
Bement and Evans on a rail trestle in Canadian RockiesPackard Motor Car Foundation

Riding the Rails in Canada in a Packard

Driving a Packard through the wilds of Western Canada in 1924.
Bob Hope and Friends 1949 Michigan State FairPackard Motor Car Foundation

Bob Hope - 1949 Michigan State Fair Headliner

Packard, Bob Hope, and the 1949 Michigan State Fair
William Morgan Packard dealership in Long Beach California after the 1933 earthquakePackard Motor Car Foundation

Found - Another Wrecked Packard Dealership Photo in the PPG Vault

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake lasted 10 seconds
1952 Packard Frozen in the Tank Building at the PPGPackard Motor Car Foundation

Why Packard Froze Cars In The Old Tank Building

Packard reworked the former Tank Building into an Engineering Test Laboratory
Sherman Tank in PPG Tank Building 1943Packard Motor Car Foundation

M4 Sherman Tank at the Packard Proving Grounds in 1943

What kind of tanks were tested at the PPG during WWII?
Packard car testing in the PPG badlands sand pitPackard Motor Car Foundation

Test Driving Packards at the Proving Grounds - Fun or Work?

How much fun this test driver must have been having driving around the sand pit at the PPG!