Volunteer with the Packard Proving Grounds

The PPG runs on almost entirely volunteer power which is awesome and challenging at the same time.  When individuals choose to volunteer their time, it needs to be for something that they have an interest in, and they feel like they are making a difference, plus there must be some element of fun!

We do our best to learn about the skills and preferences of each volunteer, and then try to match them up with the projects and/or events that are the best fit.  It doesn’t always happen on the first try, so the volunteers that can keep an open mind and try a few things tend to have the best rate of success.

You don’t have to be retired to volunteer.  We have volunteer opportunities for high school students looking for their community service hours all the way to folks that designate one day per week for volunteer work at the PPG.  It’s a wonderful community of people with all different personalities and skills.

Volunteer Application