zig zag table set up in the Repair Garage at the Packard Proving Grounds
vintage, rustic wedding reception at the Packard Proving Grounds

Congratulations Katie & Paul!
July 26, 2019

Planner/Florist: Stephanie Hardie
Caterer: Creative Gourmet 
Chairs & Linens: Luxe Event Linen  
DJ: DJ Spranger
Photographer: Rachel Orr
Bar: Mo’s Bar 

Katie & Paul made the bold choice to use 8 ft rectangular tables and place them in a ‘zig-zag’ arrangement and the effect was lovely! They celebrated their ceremony outdoors in the boulevard area with rustic farm style chairs, and custom, rustic back drops. The wedding ceremony and reception could NOT be classified as ‘cookie cutter’ in any way, and we love that!

Congratulations Matt & Sydney!
July 27, 2019

Planner:  Loren – LDT Events 
Caterer & Linens: Two Unique  
Chair Rental: Perry’s Tents & Events  
Table & Bar Rental: Modernly Events  
DJ: CC King Entertainment – Wedding DJs
Bartender: Chanel Thomas
Florist: Studio Terrain  
Photographer: Taylor Running –Taylor J Photography

eco-friendly plates on the buffet table for a lovely vintage wedding reception held in the Repair Garage room at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site
eco-friendly plates

Matt & Sydney had a wonderful blend of new and old traditions mixed throughout their ceremony and reception, and that’s exactly the way it should be!

We were really happy to see the naturally chic palm leaf compostable plates on the buffet table, it’s such a wonderful and eco-friendly choice!

We’ll post some images that we’ve taken during set up on the Packard Weddings Facebook page and on Packard Weddings Instagram that will give you a little hint of how nice the set ups are, but be sure to check out the photographer’s posts for the really good images!

Okay so there are some advantages to working in an ‘events’ atmosphere, and one of them is pretty flowers on your desk!

Beautiful flowers add so much to a special event, and they can be a bit pricey too.  On the wedding day, there is so much attention lavished on the flowers.  Oos and ahhs from the guests as they arrive to see the beautiful floral decor and then tons of photos are taken.  But then at the end of the night, they are unceremoniously yanked down and tossed into the trash.  Talk about a one hit wonder!

Understandably some of the flowers are spent after an event, or get that way in the process of taking the decorations down, but clearly, there are many that still have at least a couple days of ‘display-ability’ left.  So its always a bonus if we find some that we can enjoy on our desks the next day.

Some weddings know in advance that they don’t want to save any of the flowers. It’s really helpful if we know that in advance because the cleanup crew can place all the flowers together on the stainless steel counter in the ‘hold & serve’ area and then one of our volunteers – Joannie Matiyow will swing by the site and pick them up the next morning.  She sorts them and re-purposes them into small table centerpieces and delivers them to a couple of different nursing homes.  These happy wedding flowers can bring a little bit more joy to others.

Congratulations to Caitlin & Sean who celebrated their wedding ceremony and reception at the PPG on Saturday, July 13, 2019!

Here are some of the main vendors that they worked with:
Planner – Kayla Dunn –
Caterer –
Cake –
Rentals –
Linens –
DJ –
Photographer –
Florist –
Makeup – Jennifer Martin Hair & Makeup Artist
Officiant: Mike Hopper