Bement and Evans on a rail trestle in Canadian RockiesPackard Motor Car Foundation

Riding the Rails in Canada in a Packard

Driving a Packard through the wilds of Western Canada in 1924.
Bob Hope and Friends 1949 Michigan State FairPackard Motor Car Foundation

Bob Hope - 1949 Michigan State Fair Headliner

Packard, Bob Hope, and the 1949 Michigan State Fair

LIFE and Times: Packard Party in Detroit

Remember when big parties were a thing? If you’re a Packard fan, Google Arts & Culture can help jog your memory!
Time Inc.

LIFE and Times with Packard Motor Car Company

Discover a treasure-trove of Packard photos, all available online.
1952 Packard Frozen in the Tank Building at the PPGPackard Motor Car Foundation

Why Packard Froze Cars In The Old Tank Building

Packard reworked the former Tank Building into an Engineering Test Laboratory
photo of the lodge building after some restoration work had been done, and Hilary Davis is standing in front with a proud smile at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic SiteHilary Davis

Serendipity - Part 11

Now I am a volunteer at the PPG, giving tours, working on restorations, serving on committees, writing articles.  The site is in good hands and its future is bright.
black and white image of the north east curve of the test track taken in 1998 at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic SiteHilary Davis

Serendipity - Part 10

Soon the enormous task of bringing the site and buildings back to their former glory was underway.
black and white woods area where the rough roads paths were once located at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic SiteHilary Davi

Serendipity - Part 7

At the end of the week, Ron wrote a comprehensive and glowing report on the PPG underscoring the historic importance of the whole site, not just the airplane hangar.
1998 black and white image of a run down Lodge building at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic SiteHilary Davis


I thought there was a good chance that the mystery house on Van Dyke could be a country manor designed for some Packard exec by Kahn. So I started exploring.

Ice Cream Social

This part of the evening could be described as ‘Ask the Lady Who Lived Here’. Bobbie was thrilled to be back home.