Vintage, early 20th century Singer sewing machine on display in the Lodge House at the Packard Proving Ground.Hilary Davis

Small-Scale 20th Century Design: The Singer Sewing Machine

A different kind of 20th Century engineering! Exploring the Singer sewing machine.

Check It Out: Continuing the PPG Library Project

Our holdings include a diverse array of print publications, newsletters, magazines, and Packard-original documents that we plan to preserve and protect for the long term.
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Work to Win; Honoring Our Packard Rosies

President Franklin D. Roosevelt established a War Production Board (WPB) in January 1942, just a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The newly developed board allocated resources, implemented price controls, and set production quotas to encourage workers to produce more goods during the war. Packard and its employees took it to heart as their duty to do all they could to help their soldiers fighting overseas.
Packard paint - Amethyst

Perking Up Packard with a Penchant for Paint

Edward James Paul Cunningham, the young manager of the trim and color styling studio for Packard, introduced this unique and stylish Carnation with Amethyst scheme for a limited number of Pacific hardtops. He joined Packard at the age of 24 in 1952 with a mission to encourage Packard into adopting brighter, trendier colors.

Explore Your Local Heritage: Passport Programs and Beyond

When it comes to exploring the richness in our world, it's easy to overlook the hidden gems in our own backyard. Luckily, there are passport programs that encourage us to become tourists in our local area, fostering a deeper appreciation for the heritage and history around us. Let's delve into three remarkable passport programs that offer unique adventures for those keen on exploring and learning more about the past.
Captain Lionel Melville Woolson in a suit, sitting with his arms crossed on his lap

Chief Aeronautical Engineer Captain Lionel Woolson

Born in Los Angeles, Woolson made his way to Detroit to eventually become an engineer for the Packard Motor Car Company. He developed aircraft engines that were used in several record-breaking speed planes.

Rooms and Boarders: Staging the Lodge House

We're planning for some updates, and we need your help!
Rick Mayer

Four More for the Fleet: Recognizing A Donor’s Generosity

Sharing the incredible vehicles generously donated by PPG benefactor Anne Lewis. Part 1 of a multi-part blog series.
Packard Proving Grounds

Look, It’s a Wonderful “Woodie!”: Stealing the Spotlight at EyesOn Design 2021

Our 1950 Packard Station Wagon is getting some extra attention this weekend. Join us!

Flying High: PPG’s Remarkable Flags and Military History

Commemorating the Packard Proving Grounds' historic flags, banners, and military accolades.
Rick Mayer

Back to the Bricks 2021: The Packard Crowd in Flint!

Our hardworking volunteers represented the PPG at multiple classic car events last month.