Packard Proving Grounds

Look, It's a Wonderful "Woodie!": Stealing the Spotlight at EyesOn Design 2021

Our 1950 Packard Station Wagon is getting some extra attention this weekend. Join us!

Flying High: PPG's Remarkable Flags and Military History

Commemorating the Packard Proving Grounds' historic flags, banners, and military accolades.
Rick Mayer

Back to the Bricks 2021: The Packard Crowd in Flint!

Our hardworking volunteers represented the PPG at multiple classic car events last month.
Emily R. Benoit

Lights Out, Curtains Closed: Preservation Preparations in the Radio Room

Putting the final touches into our preparations to the Radio Room - and mitigating irreversible environmental damage to our precious collections.

A Team Effort: The Search for Packard Motor Car Company Employees

Our quest to document an historical record of the PMCC's employees continues! Fortunately, we have YOU to help us out.
Emily R. Benoit

Detroit, MI: Home of the World's Best Stoves

If you thought Detroit was just the Automotive Capital of the World, think again.
black and white photo taken in 1998 of the aviation hangar located in the center of the test track at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic SiteHilary Davis

Serendipity - Part 5

The PPG property had been transferred to the Land Development division of Ford, which gave me a sense of foreboding.
bunches of fresh asparagusPackard Proving Grounds

Shelby Farmers Market Opening Day 2020

May is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the outdoors and eat the very first locally grown veggies!