Vintage, early 20th century Singer sewing machine on display in the Lodge House at the Packard Proving Ground.Hilary Davis

Small-Scale 20th Century Design: The Singer Sewing Machine

A different kind of 20th Century engineering! Exploring the Singer sewing machine.

Check It Out: Continuing the PPG Library Project

Our holdings include a diverse array of print publications, newsletters, magazines, and Packard-original documents that we plan to preserve and protect for the long term.

Packard Towing Dynamometer

The Packard Proving Grounds is in possession of a unique artifact of Detroit history, one that was a common sight at the Proving Grounds - the Packard Towing Dynamometer.
Barbara Ann in 1957Bruce Blevins

Barbara Ann - Part 7 of Why People Name Their Cars After Women

Barbara Ann is one of those barn find opportunities we all have…
Part of a Packard Straight-Eight ThunderboltKelin Lee

Learning How to Repair and Maintain a Packard Car

We began to work on troubleshooting a straight-eight Thunderbolt with low compression