Serendipity – Part 8

We went to the township government officials to see if they could acquire the property in order to make it a local historic attraction.

Serendipity – Part 5

The PPG property had been transferred to the Land Development division of Ford, which gave me a sense of foreboding.

Serendipity – Part 4

We drove the test track many times over the next few years, dodging protruding rebar to avoid flattening a tire.

Serendipity – Part 3

This was to be the first in a long line of big and little disappointments during the early days of discovering the PPG.

Serendipity, Part 2

He described the buildings to me, but when he got to the description of the lodge, I knew I had my mystery building.


I thought there was a good chance that the mystery house on Van Dyke could be a country manor designed for some Packard exec by Kahn. So I started exploring.