Bruce Webster

Bruce Webster


Bruce was raised in farm country of Michigan where he was much more interested in the machines of farming rather than the agriculture. He was a self proclaimed nerdy kid in school that excelled in math and the sciences and struggled with everything else. Bruce got a BS in mechanical engineering from Michigan State in 1965 and worked for Chrysler & Daimler Chrysler for 36 years, retiring in 2001. 35 of his Chrysler years were in various kinds of engine engineering.

In retirement, Bruce consulted with a California law firm as a technical expert part-time for about a year and then took on an interesting project to convert a gasoline powered car to run on hydrogen. The purpose of the project was to store the fuel supply as a solid hydride and therefore extend the range over the range attained by use of high pressure tanks.

In 2004 Bruce was invited to a work session at the Packard Proving Grounds and, for the most part, he have never left. His interests in engineering, racing cars and motorcycles , and the Arsenal of Democracy all have components in Packard and the Packard Proving Grounds. Bruce intends to continue to strive to keep this legacy and this historic gem available as a historic teaching site for future generations.

Bruce has been married to Dorothy for 52 years. We have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.