The Packard Motor Car Foundation now has over 40,000 original Packard factory blueprints. We have blueprints up to number 6502268. If you need to restore, repair or reproduce a part for the Packard you are working on, chances are we have the original blueprint for that part or assembly. Why guess at what you are restoring or making when you can know exactly what you need. Prints cover parts used to build the cars, wiring prints, painting schemes, assembly prints, profile drawings of early Packard’s and many more. Some also make beautiful framed artwork, even some of the blueprints are from the Warren factory.

Pricing starts at $25.00, for up to 11 x 17, plus $1.00 per total square footage [or fraction there of] for larger prints. Send us the part number and description of the print you would like. For $150 we will send you the prints for the tools that came with your Packard. We have limited research capability, so the part number would be greatly appreciated.

Please use the following form to let us know which blueprints you are interested in and we will contact you regarding pricing and payments:

Blueprint Request

The profits will go to the Packard Motor Car Foundation to help restore the Packard Proving Grounds.

The Packard Motor Car Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.