D.D. Gross Motor Sales: Carrying On During Wartime

The third installment of guest blogger Scott Gross' series! This week, Scott shares the impact that the WWII effort had on D.D. Gross Motor Sales.
Black and white yearbook image of D.D. Gross Motors.Scott Gross

D.D. Gross Motor Sales: 1940 – The Packard Franchise Begins

The second installment of guest blogger Scott Gross' series! Exploring D.D. Gross Motor Sales' foray in the Packard franchise.

D.D. Gross Motor Sales: Introducing a Family Legacy

Guest blogger Scott Gross introduces the story of his family's legacy: a successful automotive dealership based in Ohio.
Vintage, early 20th century Singer sewing machine on display in the Lodge House at the Packard Proving Ground.Hilary Davis

Small-Scale 20th Century Design: The Singer Sewing Machine

A different kind of 20th Century engineering! Exploring the Singer sewing machine.

Check It Out: Continuing the PPG Library Project

Our holdings include a diverse array of print publications, newsletters, magazines, and Packard-original documents that we plan to preserve and protect for the long term.
Color image of people working on the east-facing window of the Lodge House at the Packard Proving Grounds.

A Look Through the Glass: Albert Kahn’s Redesigned Windows

Taking a closer look at the Albert Kahn design for residential and factory buildings - specifically, windows!
Color image of a man and woman positioned next to a computer monitor in "the vault" of the Packard Proving Grounds.Mary Anne Demo

Gems From the Vault: A Famous Find!

Ever wonder what goes on in "The Vault" at the PPG? Our scanners (and super-sleuths) have a cool story to share!
Black and white image of a man and a woman standing in front of a 1927 Packard 4-26 sedan in Brisbane, Australia.

Around the World in a Packard: Uncovering a Multi-Continental Trip

A patron's request for purchased images prompted an exceptional story from half a world away!
Close-up image of the 1955 Packard chassis display, showing the chrome interior and repainted body.Rick Mayer

The REAL Story of the 1956 Packard Chassis Display

Guest blogger Dave Dolby spills the REAL scoop on the crowd-pleasing 1956 Packard chassis display.