Four More for the Fleet: The 1937 Packard Super 8 Convertible Coupe

Our series “grand finale” definitely lives up to the hype.

PPG supporter Anne Lewis donated this final vehicle this past July. This is the fourth donation provided by this generous donor, all given in loving memory of her late husband Elliot Bayly. We’re so grateful to Ms. Lewis for the opportunity to preserve and present these incredible specimens of Packard’s design and engineering.

This car is the oldest of the four, but you’d never know it by the way it looks.

Like all of Ms. Lewis’ donated vehicles – or any of our fleet, for that matter – this beauty could have rolled out of the showroom yesterday.

The 1937 Super 8 Convertible Coupe is kitted out in centennial blue, and additionally shined-up by the included headlamps, tail lamps, and chrome spotlight. These elements were optional design features that add some extra finesse to the coupe’s already beautiful design. Not only this, but this model is believed to be the only Packard Super 8 model that was built with artillery-style steel wheels.

Not sleek enough for you? Don’t worry – Packard’s designers and engineers thought of everything. The coupe’s rear-mounted spare tire, as well as its lack of the usual spare tire side mounts inside the front fenders, enhances the flowing, streamlined side view.

What a classy classic!

All of these elements combined represent the now-familiar vehicular design that made Packard famous. Because of this, the 1937 coupe has been recognized as a Full Classic by the Classic Car Club of America. And thanks to Ms. Lewis, we’re able to represent this stunning design and engineering through this vehicle – a celebration of Packard form and function.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series exploring these exceptional classic cars – all fine additions to our fleet. Next time you visit the site, head over to the Tank Building to admire these incredible vehicles in person. It’s thanks to Ms. Lewis that you’re able to do so!

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Many thanks to Dave Dolby for the details shared in this post! All images included here are the capture and property of Rick Mayer.


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