Four More for the Fleet: Recognizing A Donor’s Generosity

For the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing four very special members of our fleet.

Every single car in our fleet at the PPG is special, and every one tells its own story. It represents not only a specific aspect of Packard’s legacy, but it also represents the generosity of the person (or people) who placed it into our care. However, we’re fortunate to have a rare set of cars that shares a common story: they were all donated by the same beneficent supporter.

These four vehicles were given to us by Anne Lewis, one of the PPG’s most generous donors. Ms. Lewis donated them in memory of her late husband Elliot Bayly, whose love for Packard was more than apparent through his excellent choice in vehicles.

This impressive vehicle transaction began in 2019 with the transfer of the first three cars. At that time, the PPG’s fleet increased by three, with Ms. Lewis donating the 1942 Clipper, 1948 Station Sedan, and 1949 Super Eight Deluxe Touring Sedan.

This past July saw the final transfer, when Ms. Lewis donated the 1937 Packard Super Eight Model 150 Coupe Roadster Body 1019. Henceforth, we’ve become the proud stewards of all four vehicles, and thus our fleet is beautifully expanded.

We extend gratitude and appreciation to Ms. Lewis for these donations.

And in light of that, we’ll be spending the next few weeks sharing details and photographs pertaining to these fine specimens. We hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we enjoy housing and maintaining them!

We’re proud to preserve and present these cars as a representation of Packard’s legacy. Likewise, we are honored to remember Elliot Bayly’s life and memory through this generous donation. Serving our patrons and audience in this way is truly a privilege.

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Many thanks to Dave Dolby for the details shared in this post! All images included here are the capture and property of Rick Mayer.


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