Back to the Bricks 2021: The Packard Crowd in Flint!

Last month, we got to show off a little.

Late August marks the time to celebrate classic cars and Michigan’s automotive history, and the PPG was no exception. A host of our volunteers and our garageful of vehicles turned out to showcase our Packard pride during the Back to the Bricks event in Flint, Michigan on August 16th 21st.

Back to the Bricks is an annual celebration of classic cars and the automotive history of Genessee County. It’s intended to compliment the Woodward Dream Cruise in nearby Oakland County. Likewise, it celebrates the classic cars and companies that made Michigan the automotive capital of the world. (And Detroit specifically, of course.) Click here to learn about Back to the Bricks’ history.

Packard was the featured theme this year, so naturally we went all-out.

We took to the road and presented our Packards to a new crowd of admirers, who couldn’t help but be impressed with our site’s incredible assets. And who could blame them?

Although the weekend was full of gorgeous cars – all makes and models – we’re naturally partial to our beautiful automobiles. Throughout the event, they were crowd-pleasers, and our volunteers were able to share their knowledge of each vehicle with some new friends.

But we didn’t just showcase our cars.

Thanks to the team of volunteers who keep our fleet in top form, the Packard chassis was loaded up to wow the crowds. “The spectators that visited the Packard tent area were very impressed with the 1955-56 chassis display,” remarked volunteer Rick Mayer, who has generously provided the pictures included in this post. “It made a great impression on them.” No doubt!

Here it is, in all its glory – the chassis. (photo credit: Rick Mayer)
Bruce Blevins at the chassis display, ready to share its history. (photo credit: Rick Mayer)

An intense amount of work goes into keeping these masterpieces of engineering in excellent condition. Classic cars are confounding in design as compared to modern vehicles, and maintaining them is an intellectual and physical challenge. Many, many thanks to those Packard devotees who spend numerous hours in the garage, making sure that these impressive vehicles are road-ready at all times. To read more about their efforts, check out this blog post written by volunteer (and engineer) Kelin Lee.

The group of enthusiastic volunteers who represented Packard at Back to the Bricks! (photo credit: Rick Mayer)

Our team of hardworking volunteers were doing double-duty to represent Packard this month. The folks above were manning the displays at Back to the Bricks, while another team of ambassadors represented Packard at the Woodward Dream Cruise. We’re very proud that so many people across Southeast Michigan were able to chat with our volunteers and learn about the Packard legacy.

A big thank-you to all of our tireless PPG volunteers for their hard work!

Want to learn more about volunteering at the PPG? We have a lot of opportunities for people of all ages and interests to participate in our site’s operations and history! Click here to hear more about our volunteering process and to fill out a volunteer application. We look forward to getting to know you!


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