A Team Effort: The Search for Packard Motor Car Company Employees

Your eyes don’t deceive you: this is a five-inch-thick binder.

That’s impressive enough, right? The binder’s contents are even better. This tome represents our undaunted endeavors to compile a record of Packard’s employees. From the company’s beginning to its end, in every department and position – if the person worked for Packard, we want to know about them. This is our way of honoring the people who influenced the success of this organization and shaped its history.

And it gets a fair amount of time off the bookshelf, too!

Recently, we cracked open this binder to do some requested research. Last week, someone reached out to us concerning a family member who worked for the PMCC. It’s not always the case that people have solid details to share, a lack that can hamper the research. But this query contained a host of info that our sleuths could use to better identify the person in question.

We confirmed the employee’s years of service with the PMCC (more than a decade!). Even better, we had copies of promotional and news material in which the individual was featured. The family was excited and grateful to receive the documents we had on file, and we were able to definitively confirm another person’s participation with Packard. A win-win all around!

Cheers to PPG volunteer Jim Balfour, official keeper of the big binder!

These kinds of requests are fun for us. We get to explore Packard’s history in more depth, and we can connect people with their family’s pasts. And sometimes, we find people whose accomplishments with the PMCC haven’t made it into the binder yet! When that’s the case, we try to gather as much detail from the questioner as possible. That way, these former employees can be recognized and remembered.

It’s a very rewarding feeling for everyone.

Do you have information to share about a former Packard employee, or want to check our records for information or research? Please contact us directly by clicking this link. Thank you for helping us to continue our efforts to create an accurate historical record of the men and women who worked for the PMCC!


  • Emily Benoit

    Lover of research and writing, libraries and archives. Graduate of Oakland University's MA of English Literature program; and Wayne State University's MLIS program with an additional certification in archival administration.