A Different Kind of Drafting: Hidden History in the Packard Proving Grounds Office

If you’ve stopped by the PPG office, you’ve seen this table before.

Beautiful flowers left over from a summer wedding!

It’s an on-site workhorse for our administrative staff, and a great place for volunteers and visitors to begin engaging with the PPG. If you’ve stopped by to learn about the site, volunteer, or plan an event, you’ve sat at this little bit of history.

Yes, this table has history (almost everything on-site does)! These days, it helps our staff and volunteers engage with the community and plan for exciting events. But in its former life, our office table served as a drafting table. It’s similar to what would have been used in the offices and workspaces during the PPG’s years as a testing and engineering center.

Hard at work! Here are the original drafting tables in action.

Even when we’re developing everyday – or rather, modern day – projects and plans, it’s exciting to incorporate historical elements into our work. And one of the many benefits of working at an historic site is sharing it with others. So be sure to stop by the site and let us help you draft your own plans at the PPG!

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