Hosting Your Special Event at the Packard Proving Grounds

After having experienced hosting my oldest child’s graduation party at my house, I knew I would get better in two years when our youngest would be expecting a party.

After being in a pandemic, there were so many unknowns, but we knew we wanted to celebrate our son’s accomplishments just as we had done our daughter’s. We started brainstorming ideas in the beginning of the spring semester thinking we had plenty of time, but as we all know, time passes by quickly. Pinterest became my best friend and allowed my son, my daughter (who helped tremendously), and myself to collaborate and share ideas as we created a mood board.

Keeping the pandemic in mind, and my son’s hefty guest list, we knew having the party at home was not a great idea. We live near the PPG and have driven by countless times. When considering where we could have this party, I had the crazy idea to call the PPG and ask if we could stop by for a tour of the location.

After touring the location and giving it much thought, we decided to book with the PPG. The first date we wanted was booked, but our second choice worked out perfectly.  Announcements were sent out and the planning began.  Since we are a pretty creative family, we DIY-ed what we could and didn’t need to purchase much décor. On the day of the event, I gathered a small team and we arrived early for set-up. Now this was the fun part. After a couple of months of planning, ordering, and creating special details, it was time to see our vision come to life. 

What the PPG offered us was not just a location to make memories.

It also provided us with little-known history that many locals aren’t even aware of. The site was absolutely beautiful and a perfect backdrop for our son’s graduation party. We were able to truly make the spot our own and provide enough space for people to spread out.  We received such positive feedback after the party that I am already thinking of my next event that I would like to host at the PPG.

In the meantime, here are some tips to share about hosting a special event at the PPG.

Tip 1: Create a mood board or a way to narrow down ideas.

This will help to create the vibe of your party.

Tip 2: Decide on a theme and color scheme. 

This is where your child’s personality will shine and you can begin ordering or DIY-ing things you need.

Tip 3: Budget.

How much are you wanting to spend on this graduation party? Work within the budget.

Tip 4: Scout Locations and have dates in mind.

Be flexible and consider how many people are on your guest list. The earlier the better, so you can lock in the location and the party date and get announcements/invitations out (especially to your out-of-town guests).

Tip 5: Book Location, set the date, and send out announcements.

Tip 6: Book vendors for food, decor, DJ, etc.

Create a menu for the event. I also used Pinterest to find clever ways to display/present the food that fits into the party theme. DIY what you can or enjoy doing.

Tip 7: Stay organized.

Keep stuff sorted as you purchase: Food, décor, games, etc.

Tip 8: The Day of Event.

Arrive early. Manage your time so you are able to leave and get dressed after set-up, and delegate help to ensure a smooth set-up. 

Tip 9: Greet your guests and enjoy your labor of love.

Tip 10: Wrapping up.

Keep a few family and friends around after the event to help clean-up.

Many thanks to Risha Lewis for this post! All images provided are courtesy of Valor Image Productions. To visit their website, click here.

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