Gimme Five! A Volunteer’s Unexpected Discovery on the Grounds

You never know what your visit to the PPG will turn up.

One of our volunteers recently experienced this first-hand during his time on site. Jim Mischel was putting in some volunteer hours when he stumbled upon a little relic from the past.

Check it out for yourself: it’s a 1936 Buffalo nickel!

Although not quite a rarity in the coin world, an eighty-five-year-old nickel is still a fun find. Particularly since it was found in the grass of the Packard Proving Grounds, where scores of visitors and volunteers have explored the grounds for the last several decades. To say nothing of the engineers, administrators, and executives who worked on-site during its heyday!

When presenting his discovery to our staff in the PPG office, Jim joked that the nickel could have fallen out of site manager Charles Vincent’s pocket back in the day! (Out of his shooting jacket, perhaps?) So who knows how long this nickel has been waiting for Jim to uncover it?

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