Debby and Lola – Part 6 of Why People Name Their Cars After Women

In 1992, I bought Debby (pictured above), a 1933 1001 603 5-passenger sedan, vehicle number 397, from Stone Barn Restorations in New Jersey.  They buy Packard parts from me and the person I usually talk to there is Debby.  I bought the car on a guess because I guessed that I might restore her some day or I might need her parts or information some time in the future.  Debby was quite complete, but I never did much with her.  I sold her in 2010 to a much younger man who was looking for a project car.

Lola joined the family in 2005.  I found her in the adjacent storage yard at Citizens Motor Car Company, America’s Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  She was a 1933 1001 603 sedan, vehicle number 121, and quite complete, but in very sad shape.  I felt sorry for her and knew she would never look as proud as the day she rolled out of the E. Grand Blvd. assembly plant in Detroit.  So a friend and fellow Packard club member, Jim Nicholson, and I bought her and brought her back to Michigan.  She became a donor car to finish Jim’s 1933 Convertible Coupe along with Margaret and several other Packards.  She currently resides with a man in Canada named Bruce who is the present owner due to the untimely death of Jim.  We tried to make it easy for Lola to remember our names.  She will soon be returning to Michigan as there are some parts on her that I need for Barbara Ann, whose story I will tell next.

To be continued.