Meet Rose – Part 4 of Why People Name Their Cars After Women

Rose was one of those discoveries that anyone would love to find.  From the encouragement of Don Sommer, I attended the 1989 Iola Car Show in Iola, Wisconsin with my stand-bys, Aunt Fifi and Uncle Jim.  At the end of one day while walking back to our motor home from the show, I spied the rear two feet of a 1933 1001 602 Coupe Sedan peering out from behind a camper on the back of a pickup truck from Indiana.  I had heard of the Coupe Sedan, but had never seen one.  After looking her over completely, I sat down on the camper’s stoop and waited.  It was about 5 pm.  I waited and I waited.  Just before dark, at about 9 pm, two elderly gentleman (by my 38-year-old standards) came walking up.  One of the gentlemen, David Rose, and I sat and talked about the car until about 3 o’clock in the morning.  I kept in touch with the Rose’s, sending them notices about Packard events in their area and asking about the Packard and how she was doing.  On Mother’s Day weekend in 1995, at the Perrysburg Packard Show, David showed up with the Coupe Sedan and told me he was getting too old to enjoy the car that had been his daily driver since the early 1970’s.  He brought her to the show to sell and, since I had been so nice over the years, I would get first shot at buying the car.  Lucky for me this was one of the very few car shows my family was in attendance and Rose was going to go to a new home.  A few weeks later my nephew was graduating from Howe Military Academy in Indiana, so I took that opportunity to pick up Rose and bring her home to meet her sisters.  I will never forget that day.  David’s wife and two daughters would not come out of the house because they could not bear seeing her leave.  I assured them she would be well taken care of.  Today, Rose is my nephew Myles’ first 1933 Packard.  She still lives with her sisters in my Man Cave in Flint.  As far as we know there are only two 1933 Coupe Sedans left.  By the way, Rose is a calendar pin up girl from back in the 1960’s.  I have her photo from the calendar but I have not been able to determine the exact year.  Rose has no vehicle number.  Her Patent Plate states she was sold September 29, 1933 in Buffalo, New York, but it just lists 602 for a vehicle number .

1933 Packard "Rose"
1933 Packard “Rose”

To be continued.