black 1933 Packard car

Meet Debbie – Part 3 of Why People Name Their Cars After Women

While I was restoring Fifi, I let it be known in the Packard arena that I was tired of seeing all the people driving and enjoying their Packards and I was years from getting Fifi back together.  I would like a nice driver to satisfy my desire.  My good friend and Packard expert, Jim Pearsall, dropped my name to a couple he met around 1985 at a car show in the east.  Debbie and Mike McMahon of Altoona, Pennsylvania knew that they had a 1933 Packard that was black and had 4 doors and that was about all they knew.  Debbie, pictured left, had received it from her father upon his death along with about nine other collector cars that she kept in the heated garage behind their house.  When she called me just before Thanksgiving 1987 and described what she had, I was hooked.  Aunt Fifi, Uncle Jim and I took Thanksgiving weekend and went to Altoona and brought Debbie home.  She turned out to be a 1933 1002 613 5-passenger sedan, vehicle number 032.  The entire adventure was printed in a number of Packard magazines and the CCCA magazine some time ago.  Thirty-two years later, Debbie is just as beautiful and dependable as the day I brought her back to Michigan.  She is my favorite driver.

To be continued.