Volunteers Wanted

My perspective of the Packard Proving Grounds photo digitizing project, and how I got involved.

I responded to the lighted Packard sign on Van Dyke announcing “Volunteers Wanted” Being a car guy at heart, I thought I should see if they needed any help with their vehicle fleet. I asked, and Mary Anne Demo took me up on the offer.

I spent the first week working with Larry Telles. My job was to clean and shine cars. Which I love to do even today. In my world there is nothing better than shining a car, then standing back and admiring your work. While working on cars I heard mention of an area setup to do photo scanning. I was intrigued because not only am I car guy, but I am also kind of a computer guy.

I asked who was in charge of the effort, I wanted to see if I could help out there too. Turns out no one had taken on the task. A climate-controlled, locked room named the “Vault” was built. Computers and scanner acquired. When Mary Anne showed me the room. There it was. All the equipment still in boxes, just waiting to be unpacked and setup. I asked if I could help set it up. I got no objection. In fact, I think there was some relief. For me, it is exactly what I was looking to do. There is a whole long story about how I happen to be looking for volunteer work and not working for pay. I will save that for another day. Suffice it to say, me and the Proving Grounds crossing paths was nothing short of divine providence, for both parties.