Meet Fifi- Part 2 of Why People Name Their Cars After Women

Bruce Blevins 1969
Bruce Blevins 1969

I bought Fifi in May 1969 from my Aunt Faith, also known as Aunt Fifi, and Uncle Jim, the same aunt and uncle who had the maple syrup shack that Motor City Packards members visited many times.  Fifi is a 1933 1001 603 5-passenger sedan, vehicle number 950.  When I bought her my only knowledge about Packards was what I had gained hanging around Uncle Jim and his 1934 convertible coupe.  At 18 my mind was on a lot of other things other than learning all about Packards.  When I bought this car, she was a basket case, as you see in the photos.  Every nut, bolt and screw for the entire car was in five plastic bags.  It wasn’t until ten years later when I got out of the Army and started putting Fifi back together that I realized I was missing the front axle and steering column.  My first winter of reassembling her I used up our entire garage, which did not go well with my wife Kaye as she preferred to park in the garage during the winter and couldn’t.  I did finish restoring the chassis and motor and did fire up the motor before children, business, and life got in my way.  I ended up selling the chassis to a guy in Canada who was restoring a 1933 1001 Convertible Coupe basket case and the rest to my cousin’s nephew.  It did bother me to do this to Fifi, but I realized that she was never going to be put back together because it would have been too costly.

Rear view of 1933 Packard named "Fifi"
Rear View of 1933 Packard “Fifi”

To be continued.